30% off select FitPAWs Canine Agility Products!!!

FitPAWs supports dog fitness, stands behind their products and most importantly, this company produces all their products with safety in mind. FitPAWs equipment can be utilized on a daily basis and improves numerous areas in your canine’s life! Working with your canine and the products also, as a bonus, further enhances the relationship between you and your furry best friend. The equipment improves strength, balance, stamina, mental focus, flexibility, and coordination. Best of all, this is a holistic approach to improving your dog’s health and confidence.

areas FitPAWs products aid in:

  • recovering from surgery
  • show ring posture
  • performance dog techniques
  • injury prevention
  • conditioning
  • weight loss
  • behavioral changes
  • body awareness

Not only is this new relationship of Healing Hands and FitPAWS great, but it gets even better yet! April is NATIONAL CANINE FITNESS Month! It could not be a better month than now to start acquiring products that further advance your canine in such an array of areas, especially because SELECT PRODUCTS ARE 30% OFF IN APRIL!! This news is so exciting because it is the perfect Segway into bettering your best friends health and maintaining it. This months discounted products include: select FUNctional canine fitness apparel, Balance Discs, Donuts, Donut Holders, Paw Pods, Targets, Wobble Board and a Hurdle Set.

  • Balance Dics are great because they turn any flat surface into an active one. It is a great item for beginner balance training, rehabilitation, and general fitness.Balance-Disks-Dogs
  • Donut increases performance, mobility, and even aids in preventing injuries! The Dog Donut Ball will improve your canine’s flexibility, focus attention, core and muscle strength, body awareness, and confidence as well as enhancing your bond with your furry friend.
  • Donut Holder works in conjunction to help stabilize the FitPAWS Donut and other products such as the FitPAWS Wobble Board. This is the perfect training tool to build confidence in balance exercises.
  • Paw Pods aid in improving dynamic balance, independent limb awareness and coordination. The Paw Pods also have a great function in enhancing stack training coordination.


  • Targets is a fun training game that is an engaging way to teach your canine. Teach them limb awareness by having them step on the target, use the target to have them stay in a particular place, further body awareness, conformation stacking, and target training of course. The possibilities are endless with this product and you’ll enjoy all the creative fun training games that are possible!


  • Wobble Board comes in two sizes, 36” and 20”. It is a great tool for dynamic balance training. It adds to cross-training as the product rotates a full 360degrees. It also helps in increasing range of motion, multi-directional balance, body awareness, and with conditioning and strengthening.
  • WobbleBoard_Action-104x97The Hurdle Set is very multi-functional and has great value. It aids in cardio, agility, body awareness, and gait training.


There are so many fun, functional products Healing Hands now offers to maintain your canine’s fitness! This moth is the perfect time to take advantage of the 30% off discount on select items and strongly embrace National Canine Fitness Month!

To place an order, please visit: Redline Canine Training Center


Winter Pet Safety-Crucial Tips

With the winter season well under way, we’re expecting snowfall any minute. Despite the beautiful Wisconsin scenery, snow angels and men, there are many risks that come along with increasingly cold temperatures. To ensure your pet’s safety, please consider taking precautionary measures to keep your pet at optimal health and prepare yourself for “health emergencies” that may present themselves this season. Here are some risks to consider:

  • Hypothermia

Hypothermia is defined by dangerously low body temperature that occurs when our body begins to lose heat faster than our body produces heat. Hypothermia affects the internal body of animals and can occur if your dog spends too much time outside or gets wet during very cold conditions. The symptoms to be aware of include shivering, cold ears, paws and tail, lethargy and weakness. With time, the symptoms can potentially worsen and lead to stiff muscles, slowed breathing, decreased heart rate, and a change in response to stimuli (i.e. not responding to verbal cues such as “sit” or “come”.)

  • Frostbite

Frostbite occurs as an injury caused by freezing of the skin and underlying body tissues. Frostbite is a medical emergency that affects the external body of an animal and is literally defined as “freezing” of the outermost layers of our physical body. Symptoms to look out for in your dog include a discoloration of skin (i.e. pale or grey paws), an appearance of ice crystals on the area, skin that feels cold or frozen to touch, blisters, skin ulcers and areas of blackened or dead skin.

What to do in case of emergency:

  • Take your dog to a warm and dry area immediately
  • Wrap your dog in warm towels or blankets (i.e. wool)
  • In case of hypothermia, use warm water to increase body temperature. Thoroughly dry your dog promptly after.
  • In case of frostbite, Please DO NOT use hot water, heating pads, hair dryers or space heaters because there is risk that these forms or direct heat may cause burns on numb skin.

If you observe life-threatening symptoms of hypothermia or frostbite in your dog:

  • Keep your dog wrapped in warm towels/blankets indoors while your heat your car
  • Take your dog to a local 24-hour emergency pet care clinic
  • Remember the five P’s: PROPER PLANNING PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE~ set aside some time to find 24-hour emergency pet care clinics in your area and keep this information in an accessible place. In times of emergency, we often become frantic and it is better to be prepared than panicking.


  1. Pay extra close attention to your dog’s behavior this winter. If your dog is acting out of the ordinary, take a closer look at what might be going on.
  2. Visit your local pet supply store to check out dog coats/jackets as well as dog boots that are lined with rubber to provide safety from ice, snow and toxic melting salt.
  3. Do not leave your dog unattended in the car or in the yard, and be mindful to not allow your dog to ingest antifreeze as it is VERY toxic to their health.
  4. Take your dog outside to play during times of increased sunlight.
  5. Once your dog comes into the house after playtime, use a warm towel to dry wetness and increase body heat.
  6. Use safe grooming products to bathe your pets and apply moisturizer to dry and flaky paws. We recommend Life’s Abundance dog products because they are safe, natural and formulated by veterinary experts. You can learn more about this brand here or by visiting us in-person at Healing Hands Therapy Center.
  7. Feed your dog a raw meat based diet and add essential vitamins and nutrients to keep them extra healthy and heighten their performance. For more information on nutrition and diet, please click here.

As always, we wish you and your family a happy and safe winter season. ❤

 By: Danica Nikezic


Life’s Abundance-safe and healthy products for your pet!

Redline Canine  Training Center and Behavioral Consultation recently became a field representative for Life’s Abundance products for cats and dogs! Life’s Abundance is an employee-owned company based in Florida that distributes a wide variety of product from soft/hard food, treats and supplements, to products for pet care and grooming. This brand ensures quality of product by using as many natural ingredients as possible and creating formulas based on scientifically proven evidence in the natural environment. For example, they offer grain-free products, as well as specialized vitamin formulas to encourage optimal potential of performance.

The staff at Healing Hands and Paws are proud to be working in conjunction with Redline Canine Center because we believe in the quality of life for all animals and see that this directly correlates with the products our pets use on a daily basis.

To see a few of the products we offer and learn more about the difference from Life’s Abundance to the product your pet currently uses, please visit us at Healing Hands Therapy Center, LLC. where we have set-up a display of product. The staff at HHTC are happy to educate you on these products and assist you in transitioning your pet’s diet as well as placing orders for these products-shipped right to your door. We guarantee that it will be difficult to find SUCH high-quality pet products anywhere else and look forward to representing you!

It is significant to mention that a portion of the profits from Life’s Abundance are donated to the Dr. Jane Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting is rescue of neglected and unwanted animals.

Thank you to Life’s Abundance, Dr. Jane Foundation and Redline Canine Training Center and Behavioral Consultation for doing continually doing everything possible to make our world a healthier place for animals to grow!

By: Danica Nikezic


Happy Halloween!



Xylitol is a sugar alcohol commonly used as an artificial sweetener in a variety of foods and products that we use today. It is a sugarless crystalline powder that resembles real sugar, but contains fewer calories and produces different effects on the human body. Because small amounts of xylitol are found in fruits and vegetables, the corporations that use this ingredient have found it quite safe for human consumption. This ingredient is found in some brands of chewing gum, candy, peanut butter and even toothpaste. In this post, we wish to address xylitol toxicity to dogs, gain insight on reading ingredient labeling on product and provide resourceful information for emergency pet care. 

Collectively, it’s safe for us to agree that having excess Halloween candy floating around the home or office isn’t the worst thing that can happen to us. As humans, there are times that we all feel that craving in our sweet tooth. With this, we wish to bring awareness to the fact that xylitol is known to be very dangerous, and even fatal when consumed by a dog. The reason for this outcome is because once dog’s body absorbs xylitol in the bloodstream, they experience a release of insulin from the pancreas which can result in hypoglycemia, also know as low blood sugar. It only takes about 15-30 minutes after consumption that you may observe intense symptoms in your pet. The signs to look out for include in coordination, vomiting, weakness, tremors, seizures, depression and lethargy. 

For safety precautions, consider and discuss with your family a proper way to store Halloween candy away from your pet. If you observe any odd behavior in your dog and suspect they have been exposed to xylitol, the pet poison helpline is a great 24-hour poison control resource for pet care. The contact information for this nationwide help line is: (800) 213-6680. For anyone seeking in-person emergency animal assistance in the Milwaukee and metro-Milwaukee area, there is one  24-hour clinic located in Greenfield, Wis. The contact information for the Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals is (414) 543-7387. 

Although we may not have easy access to ingredient labels on loose candy that we’ve gathered from every house in our neighborhood or subdivision, we do want to especially note the importance of checking for xylitol on the ingredient labels of dental hygiene products. The best way to keep your dog’s safety in mind is by monitoring the ingredients found in the products you bring into your home, or always remembering to keep the products in a safe place away from your pet. 

The staff at Healing Hands and Paws are wishing you a VERY HAPPY and SAFE Halloween! 

By: Danica Nikezic


Saving Sadie- Sadie’s Heroic Story

Danica Nikezic, HHTC staff has the pleasure of interviewing Joal Derse Dauer and her dog who was found with bullet wounds in the Mountains of Kentucky and later transported to the Midwest. Sadie has sustained injuries that have prevented her from walking normally. Sadie is currently working with Jason Hunter, LMT to receive canine massage and energy work. Sadie sees Greg Jolly, LMT who provides Cranial-Sacral Therapy for her. To learn more about Sadie, please watch our interview with Joal or visit her website at savingsadie.com.

By: Danica Nikezic


Day for Dogs event


On Sunday, October 9th, the Healing Hands and Paws team traveled to the River Edge Nature Center to provide massage and aromatherapy services for all. Deondre Lewis, LMT and 3rd degree Reiki practitionar, and Michael Billings, LMT and Thai Yoga Massage practitioner are pictured offering chair massage. Jason Hunter, LMT is pictured offering canine massage to the dogs.

The Ozaukee County Sheriff’s department were present to offer live demos on how their dogs “sniff out crime.” This event offered the dogs a chance to compete in a talent contest, become certified by the American Kennel Club as a “Canine Good Citizen.”

The nature center provided us a beautiful  and natural environment to get together with dog lovers and share information on services and knowledge regarding the special place that our furry friends have in our community, whether they are proctecting us, playing with children or enjoying the great outdoors.

By: Danica Nikezic